If you are planning to sell your equipment, we are ready to market it for the highest possible price in the industry.

We will do so with proven unique marketing ideas that we can share with you.

We can also offer you a price to sell to us if you choose.



Do you need any old or obsolete equipment removed from your site?

Our services provide you with the first class service for all your scrap and medical supply needs.

We specialize in the removal and salvage of all medical supplies and equipment included and not limited to:

  • Bone Densitometry
  • C-Arms
  • CT Scanners
  • Endoscopy
  • Hematology
  • Mammography
  • MRI Equipment
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • PET Equipment
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Medical Accessories

Do you have any damaged equipment and losses from water damage, fire, smoke, transportation or earthquake damage?

Our experts can help you every step of the way including a replacement if needed. We proudly offer first class service for all your salvage needs.

We even help with all your insurance claims and will work all the logistics out for you.



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