If you are planning to buy an equipment, we are the best solution based company that you can rely on.

Whether it be a replacement, upgrade, turnkey project, or a brand new accessory, we can help you find it.

With our highly experienced engineers and techs in the industry as well as our expert partners around the world to do what needs to get done in an efficient and affordable as possible.

We have access to most global resources and offer our customers the quality and service they deserve for a smooth and affordable transaction.

  • Managing the turn key project
  • Finding the quality equipment for the price you can afford,
  • Perform detailed inspection
  • Review the finding with inspection with you,negotiating the price and arrange the financing if required
  • Manage the logistics
  • Deliver the finished product
  • service and maintain
  • We will be transparent at every level of this process. All information will be shared with you. all the costs and invoices are to be approved by you before we start each phase.
  • We will charge a pre-determined percentage and the real cost for the whole project.


We provide a great range of financing options to meet your specific needs. We have great partnership with the most aggressive financing companies that are experts in medical field .

Whether it be a short term lease, lease option to buy, asset lease , we can come with the best solution for you.

We can help you with factoring if that is what you are interested in, as well.

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