Our pneumatic MRI stereo system not only plays music for the patient, but also allows communication with the technologist or doctor during the exam. It is important to offer these services to the patient because relaxation plays a vital role in providing successful and accurate imaging.

MRI StereoBy creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for the patient, movement from discomfort is significantly reduced, thereby saving your imaging center time and money. We have had nothing but positive feedback from the sites that have incorporated our MRI stereo system, and we strongly recommend its implementation with all MRI systems.


The Sound System includes speakers, media player, and headphones. Medical Resources International’s¬†advanced multimedia PC speakers let you enjoy a deeper bass with minimal distortion. These speakers have several plug-in options; they can plug into a computer system or connect to your MP3 player or CD player. The Sound Imaging media player, which plays both CDs and DVDs, also has an iPod dock for your multimedia content. It connects via Component or Composite video, and has a coaxial digital audio output as well.

The media player supports universal docking brackets, is equipped with an on-screen display, and includes a remote control that contains all of the basic iPod commands. The dock plays and charges your iPod at the same time.

The Medical Resources International Ear Muffs are fully dielectric with an extra padded headband for a comfortable fit. The oversized vinyl cushions distribute pressure evenly for user comfort, and can be worn with eye protection or spectacles. Create a more relaxing environment for your patients today!


  • -CD player with mp3 & iPod inputs.
  • -Progressive scan NTSC/PAL On-screen display for iPod and DVD Supports universal docking brackets.
  • -Basic iPod controls from remote.
  • -Coaxial digital audio output.
  • -Remote control Soft eject iPod docking drawer.
  • -Sound Imaging earmuffs offer top-of-the-line protection and comfort. Dielectric design is safe for electrical environments.
  • -50 Watt amplifier, Impedance 4/8 ohms, for better sound quality.
  • -Sound Imaging technician stereo speakers feature dynamic, real-time bass. equalization to maximize low frequency response while minimizing distortion. Customize your audio balance with easy-to-reach tone and volume controls.
  • -Sound Imaging Push-button desktop microphone, which allows technician talk to patient.
  • -Sound Imaging transducer which transfers audio to patient.

The complete MRI Stereo System is only $2,700.00.
There are many accessories you can use with the MRI stereo such as, headphones, earbuds, microphone, and an amplifier. For sanitation purposes we offer headphone covers and foam earpieces. We also sell other accessories such as cables, BNC connectors and noise guards.

For easy use a remote control is included. You can use the intercom to communicate easily with the patient. All pieces are non-magnetic and won’t affect the MRI.

You can also connect your iPod or MP3 player, use the CD player, and listen to AM/FM radio or XM Satellite Radio.