Medical Resources International Knows What You Want!

With plenty of experienced and passionate personnel working for us, we're guaranteed to find you what you need at the most reasonable price on the market.

Not Here To Buy? Need To Sell? You're In The Right Place!

Whether your equipment is damaged, outdated, or just taking up too much space, Medical Resources International can take what you have and sell it at a great price. Is your equipment damaged or broken? We can repair it and send you a replacement.

We Have All The Accessories For MRI's You Could Want!

Check out our accessories for MRI systems. We're constantly updating and adding new products that make getting an MRI much easier for customers and physicians.

At the heart of what we do and believe is making healthcare more affordable.

We do this by finding the higher quality used equipment at the lower cost and presenting these products to the medical industry.

We collaborate with our clients and customers to develop plans that are reasonable and affordable.

We are a client-focused, service-oriented company which provides our clients with opportunities to save time and money.

We do all the negotiations, inspections, and logistics so our clients can do what they’re expected to do – help patients.